Paddocks | artworkalpacas

Artwork Alpacas are lucky alpacas, enjoying life on rolling West Sussex countryside surrounding the 400 year old farm house.

The property is not run as a commercial farm – rather a lifestyle. The settings may be attractive, but ultimately, it is about providing the alpacas with shade and shelter. All the fields and shelters are under constant local and remote CCTV surveillance with the farm house located centrally to the fields and immediate to the nursery paddocks.

 view half way up the hill.
one of the female groups in clear sight of the farmhouse.
 yearlings and males overlooked from farmhouse.



Schematic diagram of paddocks, holding pens and shelters

Female yearlings always in sight, adding their special charm and elegance.
…in sight of one another… and us
AA_PA4a lovely run.

 boys and girls love playing on the mounds.
males love the mounds too!
Trees have been planted, dips and mounds created.
Alpacas add more than a little something….
sometimes we feel free!