Alpaca Stud Mystique | artworkalpacas

Alpaca Stud Mystique | artworkalpacas

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Alpaca Stud Mystique


Called Mrs E (Expensive) for obvious reasons, Mystique was our top purchase on our “starter” team, and she certainly has proved her worth. Mated to Snowmass Incan King she gave us Artwork Maximo, a stunning fawn male. For her second mating we went back to Incan King and our perseverance paid off handsomely with Champion I.K. Marianela. The most recent mating was to Snowmass Invincibly Elite, and we got Artwork I.E. Merlin, a beautiful young male in our current show team. We plan to mate Mystique to one of our recently imported Snowmass Fawn Studs, to keep the Snowmass line going, which seems to work so well with Warrior progeny.