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Artwork Rafa | artworkalpacas

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Artwork Rafa

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We decided to broaden our genetic base from the very top UK males, to later on bring together with the Snowmass offspring females, and secure the services of the award winning Popham Thunder. Rafa has proved that this was a good move, and on his first and only show to date, which happened to be the 2014 Nationals, he came second only to the eventual black champion. He is the naughtiest weanling in the whole farm, and at the same time the friendliest. He always manages to look good, with perfect conformation and an amazing fleece, well beyond that normally associated with the darker colours. His Dam is Barton Romany, a direct Centurion descendant, and she is a truly imposing black female. We are very pleased with him, and expectations are high!

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