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Going to shows is certainly to be commended.  It is a great opportunity to meet breeders and judges, attend lectures, view quality alpacas and understand how they are assessed by the judges.   Further, it helps to get our alpacas used to the halter, to the trailer and to different surfaces.

It must be reminded that alpacas are traditionally bred for their fleece , and guidelines dictate that judging is scored 60% on the fleece and only 40% on the conformation. Taken together, considerations of top line, size for age, proportion, presence, balance and movement, substance of bone, top line, tail set, leg angulation, width and depth of the chest, body condition, head, ears, muzzle, teeth, overall appearance and posture, barely count for 40% of the alpaca assessment. This is understandable given the need to produce high quality fleece for the textile industry.  However, for those whose interest is to keep or breed alpacas as elegant and exotic animals, priorities will almost certainly be different.

At Artwork Alpacas, the quest for beauty and correctness has been paramount, on the belief that strong, well proportioned alpacas with the ideal balance and movement are likely to be healthier and fitter. Fortunately, such quest is not incompatible with achieving top quality fleeces.

show3Romsey Champions


Champion Dorian
 Champion Marianela
Liz showing Artwork Shakira at the 2013 futurity show under top American judge Amanda Vandenbosch.
 Shakira was awarded first place junior pale female huacaya.


 Showing young males can sometimes be ‘interesting – Here Huachafo and Dorian think the judges are taking too long!
 Another first – this time under topUK judge Mary-Jo Smith
Ken and Liz have forged close ties with some of the top breeders.   Here is Ken showing Champion Meon Valley Sorcerer.
Liz showing under UK judge Liz Barlow.

British Alpaca Society National Show 2014 – Artwork Alpacas had a great show. Having taken 6 alpacas and sent 2 fleeces for judging, the final count was 8 rosettes, with a first for Artwork Dolores, and four seconds, two of which were to the eventual colour champion.


Dolores wins
Juba’s fleece


Shakira’s fleece
Gary with 6…