The Herd | artworkalpacas
AA_H1Alpacas are herd animals, happiest in a group.   When together, they are inquisitive, funny, and develop the confidence to interact with humans in amazing ways.

It is amusing to watch them develop leadership and pecking order, and if more than one field is available, it is often helpful to split a group and give the weaker or more submissive animals the opportunity to gain confidence, and learn to secure their place at the feeding trough.

A “team” of three or more alpacas can be very happy living in a family garden, sharing in everyday life, and they get used to cars and dogs and can coexist in the same field with horses, donkeys and sheep.    They are often kept as guard animals, to protect lambs and chickens from foxes and the like.

A ‘mound’ of alpacas!    They love being together
Families and friends tend to congregate around features such as mounds and hollows, or shady trees.
Whilst very hardy, alpacas nevertheless welcome the shade and shelter afforded by adjoining woods.
….and even at only two or three weeks old, alpacas will join as a group and head for some shade in the middle of the day.
Beware, as they will always head for an open gate!!!!!!
…..hoping the gate will open!    The grass is always greener on the other field!
Alpacas will respond to love and care.   When India Sunfire first joined us, she was nicknamed “Spitty” for obvious reasons…..after a few months, she loves interacting with us, and is the first to ask to be sprinkled with a hose on hot days.
‘Azucena’ is one of the fist offspring from our Snowmass matings.   Her grandmother ‘Aleaka’ was mated to champion ‘CME Tulaco Centurion of Houghton’ and produced the lovely ‘Aphrodite’, who in turn, was mated to ‘Snowmass Incan King XXX of AUK’ to produce ‘Azucena’. We eventually mated ‘Azucena’ to the famous ‘Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca’, and we now have the lovely ‘Aurora’.   In summary, four generations of the same family sharing our lives!
Close up of Caton Juba…..Elite’, and she gave us the lovely ‘Artwork I.E. Juanita’. A repeat mating has now given us Artwork I.E Jasmine, for whom we have great hopes!/one_third]

“Mystique” – bought in a moment of weakness….. not called “Mrs E” (expensive) for nothing……
“Tuco at full gallop – hard food supplement just being served….”
Caton Juba’ surveys the scenery, while ‘India Sunfire’ does likewise…..  They love the woodland setting.
Alpacas love the high ground.    In the distance, they can keep an eye on the lake paddocks.
Happy as a tight knit group!
 After some time in the sun, alpacas love some shade.    We have planted groups of trees on all paddocks.
“are blacks better insulated?”
“the matriarch of the herd, and a great character”