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Artwork Alpacas came into being as an extension of Ken Freivokh’s artistic interests, which include an impressive portfolio of Superyacht designs, architecture, transportation, industrial design and exclusive residential interiors – see www.freivokh.com

Ken studied architecture and worked in Peru for 15 years where he admired the graceful shapes and proportions of the native alpacas. When the opportunity finally arrived, he and his partner Liz Windsor could not wait to select the most beautiful alpacas in England, and to secure a share in some of the World’s top herdsires, personally chosen by International Judge Nick Harrington-Smith from the World famous Snowmass ranch in Idaho, US.  The selection and importation process took almost two years, and resulted in an amazing collection of top studs, jointly owned with top alpaca breeders Alpaca Stud, Meon Valley Alpacas and Pure Alpacas (brown, fawn, light and white – seven amazing specimens) and with Alpaca Stud and Merrifield Alpacas (two stunning black males).



Ken set himself the task of bringing a bit of Peru to the English countryside

The team, during a brief moment of contemplation…

The first generation of Artwork Alpacas resulted from hand picking lovely females sourced from top breeders such as Alpaca Stud, Bozedown Alpacas, Meon Valley Alpacas and Inca Alpaca and matching and mating them to the imported Snowmass males, and selectively to only the very top UK Champion males such as Alpaca Stud Jaquinto, Alpaca Stud Nyetimber, Jack of Spades, Thunder, The Sorcerer.

The current herd includes three generations successively mated to such champion studs.  This process has not only achieved the desired fleece characteristics and a dramatic reduction in the micron fineness, but further allowed Artwork Alpacas to achieve the desired optimisation of unique traits, such as perfect conformation, strong frame, short muzzle, uniform fleece distribution.

During 2015, selected females were mated to supreme champion EPC Top Account of Fowberry and champion Fowberry Nobility, and to further reinforce the influence of such desirable genetics, Artwork Alpacas have purchased champion Fowberry Aurelius, a very special Nobility son, who will stand at stud alongside grey champion Artwork Dorian, a Nyetimber son. A truly formidable array of targeted genetics.



 A clean field is a healthy field!
 Marita and co-driver… spoilt alpacas expect the grass to be topped to the optimum height!


“Artwork Alpacas are used to us, to the family dogs, and the hustle and bustle of the farm – Tuco has an ongoing crush on our lady border terrier Sassy….”
“Halter training gone wrong”


 Liz with fellow breeders Karen and Rebecca (Meon Valley Alpacas) comparing Border Terrier fleeces.


It is always difficult to select any of our alpacas to place on a ‘for sale’ list but, equally, we believe it is important that we limit the numbers in our herd, such that we can continue to offer the close and personal care, and we continue to target improvements to raise the overall standard and reinforce the traits which make Artwork Alpacas so special.

Therefore, the alpacas which we reluctantly selected are not on the list because they are in any way inferior – in many cases they are our top animals, but decisions must be taken being in mind the stud males available to us.